Standing Row L - R.
Atkinson: Geoff Cutts: Ron Greenhall: Whiteside: Brian Rush: Dave Griffiths:
Frank Morgan (Form Master)
Sitting Row L - R.
Basil Singer: Mick McQuade: Pete Mellor: Geoff Groom: Chris Parfitt:
Pete Oxburgh.
Front Row L - R.
Sweeney: Lawton.

Note the '100' painted number at the right of the picture. This was to mark the finish of a
100 yard athletic course which was used to obtain points for one of the athletic shields. Various
distances were run round Leaf Square - taking care to dodge the many potholes - to obtain standard
points for your House (Pendleton, Seedley, Weaste or North).

Picture Gallery - Faces 1950's
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