Before the School moved to Claremont in 1956, Speechdays were held at various locations in
The Ambassador Cinema was one venue used in the 1940's and The Salford Hippodrome and
Salford Central Mission, in Trafford Road, were other venues in the 1940's and early 50's.
This photograph is of the 1952 Speech Day, held at Salford Hippodrome.
The attentive pupils are :-
Front Row.
Robt Butler, Bubble Fenwick, Philip Searle?, - Robinson, Albert Tonge, Nobby Crampton,
Alf Siddall.
2nd Front Row L - R (as far as the gangway)
? Kay, Wally Hudson, Paul Redfern, Geoff Cutts, ? Probert, Wilf Hollingsworth.
3rd Front Row L - R (as far as the gangway)
Unknown, Albert Coffey, Pete Valentine, Chris Parfitt, Ken Dixon.

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