The 1963 Speech Day was held in the Hall of the Salford College of Advanced Technology.
Faces identified so far, are as follows:-
Front row
5th left Paul Eccleston.
Second row
1st left Ray Poole: 3rd left Philip Westcott: 5th left David Gareth Jones: 6th left Keith Brown.
Third row
2nd left George Vernon: 3rd left Robin Ainsworth: 4th left Andrew 'Angus' Darlington:
7th left Paul Garside: 8th left Geoff Morton.
4th row
1st left Graham Marsland: 2nd left Philip Ward: 3rd left John 'Bunny' Whittaker: 4th left Les Connor:
5th left Ralph Penkethman.
6th row
7th left Brad Robinson.

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