Thirty years after the closure of Salford Grammar School, a record number of Old Sals met at
the Willows Restaurant, in Salford, for the 81st Annual Dinner and Re-union on Thursday the
10th April 2003.
Old Sals travelled from all over the U.K, the U.S.A. and as far away as Perth, Western
Australia, to attend the Dinner.

The Dinner was scheduled to commence at 7-00pm but there was a slight delay due the
absence of our chief guest, the Bishop of Manchester. As the minutes ticked by the
Chairman was looking increasingly worried but after a ten minute delay everything was
resolved. The delay had been caused by a slight breakdown in communication over timing.

The Chairman of the Association, Graham Wilson, welcomed the guests and invited every
one to shake hands with their neighbour to celebrate the largest attendance at an Annual
Dinner since the Association was formed in 1910.
After Grace, an excellent meal was enjoyed, served efficiently by an enthusiastic Willows

The Loyal Toast was proposed by the President, R. G. Blackmore.

After a short break, to replenish glasses, etc!, Graham Wilson read out the names of Old
Sals who had passed away recently and then, repeating a custom introduced at last year's
Dinner, messages received from Old Sals who were unable to be present. This year's
messages included greetings from Old Sals now living in Canada, the U.S.A., South Africa
and Australia.
The toast to 'Absent Old Boys' was then proposed by Bob Blackmore.

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