Back row L - R.
G. Caesar, A. Mitchell, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, C. C. Cain, -?-.
2nd Back row L -R.
-?-, -?-, A. S. Appleton, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, A. R. Allen, D. B. Chadwick, -?-, -?-, ? Postlethwaite.
Standing row L - R.
-?-, ? Hill, R. A. Holmes, ? Jackson, D. Hochen, G. W. Hadley, S. Shubert, M. Brunner, S. Broman, ? Orr,
-?-,-?-, K. G. Sutcliffe, -?-.
Front row L - R.
A. Clayton, -?-, -?-, G. Trappe, W/O Betts, F/L Cavanagh, P/O Bradley, W/O ?, -?-, -?-,
R. Mollart, -?-.
1516 Squadron A.T.C. was formed in 1941 with Mr Cavanagh in command. Initially the twenty five recruits
from the Grammar School were joined by a further twenty five from De La Salle College and three from the
Royal Technical College.
The above photograph was taken in 1942 at the summer camp which was held at Blackpool and almost
certainly includes some of the De La Salle and Technical College pupils.
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