Photo by Mr Jack Thomas (Gym Master)
Back row L - R.
Alan Dutton, Harold Singer, ? Boardman , Alan Jones, Graham Crompton, Jack Laughton, Tony Freedman.

Standing row L - R.
? Wade, Jimmy Openshaw, Alan Bates, Jim Shelton, ? Harris, Derek Foster, Derek Roberts, Harold Riley.

Sitting row L - R.
? Lees, Roy Spence, Mark Carne, Charlie McKenzie, Tom Walsh, ? Platt, Tony Casson, ? Carr.

Front row L - R.
Alan Nottingham, Alan Thewlis, ? Firth, ? Boyd, Michael Shor, ? Pearson.

The following comments on this photograph have been received:_

"Malnutrition was the rule just after the 2nd World War" Graham Crompton.
"Can't help noticing that there wasn't an ounce of fat among the entire class! Those were the days of rations"
Jim Shelton.
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