83rd Annual Dinner & Reunion
The 83rd Annual Reunion Dinner of the Association was held at the Willows Restaurant on the 17th March 2005.
Once again a terrific attendance and two excellent speakers ensured a very good evening.

Proceedings got underway when our guest speaker Canon Evangelist Robin Gamble took Grace, after which
everyone enjoyed a splendid meal served by a hardworking team of waiters and waitresses.

After the Loyal Toast, Cliff Diamond - in the absence of our President - proposed the toast to Absent Old Boys and
e-mails were read out from Old Boys around the world and also from a former master (Bob Whitaker) who now lives
in Australia. In a slight change of order to the programme, the toast to the School was then proposed by our
distinguished former pupil - he refuses to call himself an Old Salfordian - Doctor Ralph Kohn.

Ralph spoke warmly of his time at Salford Grammar School, mentioning fellow pupils and masters, and recalling
chemistry experiments which went wrong due to the poor quality of the chemicals available during WW2, or so the
masters claimed. He outlined his academic life after leaving School which included research in Italy and the
U.S.A. before deciding that it was time to earn himself a living in the pharmaceutical world. This he did with great
success before eventually setting up his own company. He also briefly referred to his parallel singing career which
had given him the opportunity to sing at some of the most prestigious concert venues in the world. In closing he
made a brief mention of his recent appearance on the Radio Four programme "Desert Island Discs",which had given
him great pleasure and lightheartedly apologised for not having brought any CD's for sale.

Everyone present enjoyed Ralph's very interesting speech and we are extremely grateful for the time he was able to
devote to us. Both he and his wife have not been in the best of health recently and as a consequence, he had to
leave for London immediately after his speech. We offer our best wishes to them both for a complete and speedy

The acting President, Cliff Diamond, and the Chairman, Geoff Wilson, then took wine with the different generations
of the School and once again a huge round of applause greeted Ken Williams who left S.G.S. 75 years ago.

Our second invited speaker, Canon Evangelist Robin Gamble proposed the toast to the Association. His words,
both amusing and thought provoking, were appreciated by all those present. With tongue in cheek he explained how
difficult it had been, as a Bradfordian - or Bratfordian - to come and work in Lancashire. Robin came highly
recommended as a speaker and we were not disappointed. We are most grateful to the Manchester Diocese for
providing us with speakers for the last three Dinners. It has been a great pleasure to welcome to our gatherings
Bishop Nigel McCulloch, Nigel Spraggins and Robin Gamble.

The bottle of champage for the Old Sal who had travelled the furthest distance to the Dinner was then presented to
Alan Griffith (47-55), who now lives in New Zealand. This year, champagne was also presented to Norman Crampton
(50-56) who has travelled from Florida to attended the last five consecutive Annual Dinners.

Notices regarding the Golf Society and the Old Salfordians Football Club were then read out, before the singing of
the School Song brought the formal part of the proceedings to a close.
However the evening continued, with school friends chatting about the old days and more recent events in their lives
- helped by occasional liquid refreshment - until the bar closed and the lights were dimmed at midnight.

Once again, a great night enjoyed by all who were there. Here's to the next time (April 6th 2006).
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