Penfordians L - R.
Penny Hedley, Valerie Cowell, Jane Sharples (foreground), Margaret Wakelin, Hilary Otto, Lesley Rogers,
June Mills, Carol Hayes? immediately behind Jane.
Other members of the team, not in the photograph, were probably:-
Margaret Ford, Marjorie Newton and Susan Blundell.

Surviving records are a little vague as to the result of the match, although the P.H.S. Magazine from about this
time notes that ".....The sixth form members of the first eleven enjoyed the two hockey matches played against
Salford Grammar School prefects, even though, as usual, we lost both of them. Skill does not necessarily win
through in the end, well, not at least in the face of of eleven (or were there more?) huge, rugby playing males
brandishing their sticks menacingly..".

The photograph and information have been kindly supplied by a Penfordian who played in the match. She also
comments, "I have to say that the lad who has just whacked the ball seems to be guilty of 'high sticks'! No wonder
we feared for our shins, if not our heads too".
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