This photograph was rescued from a postcard fair and on the reverse are the following signatures, although there
are no indications as to who is who.
B. Gateshill, A. E. Read, J. B. Morgan, H. E. Foster, Thomas E. Hilton, J. G. Hickling, N. Grainger, M. Fidler,
Norman W. Connie, V. W. Shaw, A. Stott, G.Strood, Alan F. Hendrice, A. Merrall, N. Hindley, A. Ibbotson,
Reg T. Allenby, R. H. Bedlow, G. Stone, Cecil Weintroub, R. G. Walter.

We are grateful to Gerald Stone's daughter who has since identified her father as 4th from left, middle row.

The masters are identified as:-
Back row.
Extreme left Mr Williams?, 6th left Mr J. G. Altham (Headmaster), 10th left Mr D. Stell.
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