S.G.S. Timeline (continued)
1945 The Headmaster Mr Gill is appointed as an inspector of schools and is succeeded by Mr Eric G. Simm,
in time to deal with the implications of the 1944 Education Act, whereby admission has to be free for all and
based solely on merit. One of his first actions on arriving is to initiate the setting up of a Parents' Association.

1946 In March the School Magazine "The Salfordian" reappears after an absence of six years due to the
Second World War.

1947 Fifty of the boys visit Holland, staying in Youth Hostels; before WW2 the School had twice sent boys to

1949. The Grammar School. City Fixes Site. Building to cost over 300,000.
One of the main problems in regard to the new Salford Grammar School at Claremont has now been settled by
the City Council and the building will after all be errected in what the critics have called the "back to front"
position on the low lying section fronting Eccles Old Road...........But nobody knows when building can begin;
if the economic position does not worsen the Ministry of Education may agree to a start being made in 1951.
S.C.R. 16/9/1949. Ref.2.

1951. The Old Salfordians Rugby Union team opened their new ground at Duncan Mathieson playing fields,
Lancaster Road, with a win over Old Alwynians on Saturday 10th March.
S.C.R. 16/3/1951. Ref.2.

1953. All the land and property in Leaf Square which remained in the ownership of Mr J.G.Leaf, who now lives
in London, has been bought by Salford Corporation.The whole of Leaf Square and the sites of all the
properties which back onto Frederick Road are required for the Technical High School.
S.C.R. 10/7/1953. Ref.2.

1954. "Claremont", the historic mansion which the changes of time have left marooned at the centre of the new
Salford Grammar School, is to be demolished.The last tenants, the Dock Labour Rehabilitation Centre moved
out in November.
S.C.R. 3/12/1954. Ref.2.

1955. "Claremont" the historic mansion on the new Salford Grammar site has now been demolished.
S.C.R. 20/5/1955. Ref.2.

1955. The houses Pendleton, Seedley, Weaste and North are replaced by Gloucester, Lancaster, Warwick
and York, and steps are taken to capitalise on the layout of the new building to strengthen the house system,
both through sport and academic merit. In May a golden jubilee service to celebrate the School's first 50 years
is held in St Philip's Church.

1956. Salford Grammar School moved into its new 250,000 building on Eccles Old Road on 12th January.
S.C.R. 13/1/1956. Ref.2.

1956. Salford Grammar School's new building is officially opened on 21st March 1956 by His Worship the
Mayor of Salford, Aldeman G.H. Goulden. Its apparent "back to front" layout which displeased many is justified
on the grounds that it is the teaching rooms and assembly hall rather than the corridors and entrance hall that
catch the sun and look out onto gardens and parkland.

1961. Old Salfordians A.F.C.are Division 1 and Division 2 Champions of the Southern Section of the
Lancashire Amateur League.

1961 The opposition to building new premises for Salford Technical High School on a site taking in four acres
of Salford Grammar School land was described as "artificial antagonism" by Councillor S.Davies J.P.,
Chairman of the Education Committee.
S.C.R. 24/3/1961. Ref 2.

1962 Old Salfordians Rugby Union Club celebrate their 50th Anniversary this season. S.C.R. 11/5/62. Ref. 2.

1963 The Headmaster Mr. E.G. Simm retires and is succeeded by Mr. T.H. Hockton.

1964 The demolition men are at work on Salford Technical High School in Leaf Square, formerly Salford
Grammar School and a World War 1 hospital. Salford Grammar School and Tech "High"are both now in new
buildings, and new premises for Salford Technical College are being built on the Leaf Square site.
S.C.R. 28/8/1964. Ref.2.

1973 The 46th and last edition of the School Magazine "The Salfordian" is published in March.

1973 The Headmaster Mr T.H. Hockton resigns in April and is replaced as Acting Headmaster by
Mr R.G. Blackmore.

1973 Salford Grammar School is abolished and the comprehensive system of education commences in Salford
schools on September 3rd. Pendleton Sixth Form College is established from the sixth forms of SGS and
Pendleton High School and the main school becomes Buile Hill High School.

2008 A new building for Buile Hill High School is constructed on the Claremont site and the 1956 building is


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