1939-40 School Evacuation.
The following article is taken from the March 1946 " Salfordian ".
In accordance with the official evacuation scheme the staff of the School and over two
hundred boys travelled to Lancaster by special train from Ordsall Lane on Saturday,
September 2, 1939. On arrival the party were given a meal and emergency rations and then
conducted to their temporary homes.

A week later School re-opened with its headquarters at the Gregson Institute. By kind
permission of the Headmaster of the Lancaster Royal Grammar School we were able to use
the School laboratories and gymnasium and several classrooms.

Our numers remained steady until Christmas and then partly because of the " great frost "
and partly because of the absence of air-raids, began to decrease rapidly. Before long the
numbers in Salford and in Lancaster were approximately equal and it was, therefore, decided
that the School should return home on February 24, 1940.

The School offers its sincere thanks to Mr. Bland, the Billetting Officer in Lancaster, to the
ladies and gentlemen who received us into their homes, and to Mr. R. R.Timberlake,
Headmaster of the Royal Grammar School.

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