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These pages are for Old Salfordians who wish to post a message to other Old Sals or who
just wish to reminisce on their time spent at Salford Grammar School.
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From Richard (Rock) Hudson. 9th June 2002.
One of my fondest memories was perhaps the last great battle of Salford. It took place a
few months after the new Tech school opened on our playing fields.
During the morning there had been a heavy snowfall. At lunchtime, after we had thrown a
few snowballs at each other we were getting bored, when someone came up with the idea
of taking on the new school.
About 50 boys from Lancaster and Warwick headed out from the canteen block, crossed
the cricket square and took up position near the opposition playground.
After several salvoes from from each side it soon became apparent that that the opposition
were bringing up reinforcements and the boys from SGS were taking a pounding.
Then, just as all seemed lost, the most amazing sight I've ever seen. On our right flank a
horde of about 100 screaming Gloucester and York boys were charging across the field
from the gym. It looked like victory was assured.
With renewed zeal I was just taking aim with another snowball when a deep voice
bellowed out behind me "Hudson, throw that and you're in detention".
The teachers from both schools were everywhere and instead of joining in, ushered us
back to our respective classrooms.
Although the outcome was disappointing this was one of those unforgettable moments
when I can look back 40 years and say with pride "I was there".
From Graham Hewitt, 12th June 2002.
Like Richard, I remember the snowball fight well. I remember the SGS and Tech armies
each in a line slinging snowballs across the playing fields at each other. I was one of
the Gloucester lads.There must have been at least a hundred in each army and the
battle seemed to last for ages before the masters intervened. I'm sure all who fought will
remember it well. Great memory and thanks for jogging it Richard !
From Roy Maxwell. 31st August 2002.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Richard Fitzsimmons, Brian Miller, Frank Whitam or
Edmund Leech who were all at Leaf Square in the late 40's/early 50's ?

From Terence Riley. 5th October 2002.
Can anybody help me ? I am looking for a copy of the school photograph from around 1968.
I have a copy of the previous one, May 1963, but I want to see what I looked like when I was
18. If there is a copy out there, could you send it to the address at the end of this message.
I, and Graham Hewitt, will be very pleased.
Will everybody make a great effort and try to contact as many people as possible and
introduce them to this site. The more people that write, the wider we can spread our name.
The name of S.G.S. ! Thanks. Terry.
From Jim Smith. 10th October 2002.
I was at Salford Grammar, Leaf Square, 1946-49. Does anybody remember Peter Collier,
Eric Williamson, Joe Willcock or know their whereabouts ?
We met up in Forms 3L, 4M and 5M. I passed my School Cert in 1949 and went off to
work but I think these lads stayed on in the Sixth Form. Any information would be much
From Gordon Grant. 2nd March 2003.
I would be very pleased to catch up with Nigel Barnes, Jack Lydiate, Brian Haslam,
Lawrence Abraham, Tony Myers or any of the other lads who were at Leaf Square from
1948 to 1953. I emigrated to Canada in 1953 and it would be great to hear from them after
a break of 50 years.
From Jack Lydiate. 11th Sep 2003.
I would like to get in touch with Brian Gresty and Dan Scanlon who were with me at
SGS in the 1950's. It would be great to hear from them after all these years.
From Gordon Caesar. 13th October 2003.
Having dragged myself into the 21st century which has enabled me to find the Old
Salfordians on the internet and having left school 60 or so years ago, it would be nice
to contact any Old Sals from the years 1937-42.
From Norm Crampton. 12th December 2003.
'Forty Years On' seems to be accepted as having been the school song but forty seven
years on, myself and two other Old Sals distinctly remember it being replaced
(temporarily?) by another song, around the time the house names were changed c1956.
We are almost sure that the song, melody anyway, was written by the music master
Mr Hughes-Jones and that the words included the house names Lancaster, Gloucester,
Warwick and York, in that order.
Can anyone shed more light on this mystery?
From Norman Alexander. 8th January 2004
I was in Warwick House 60-65 and would to like to hear any news of Stu Savage,
Barry Stevenson, Eric Hudson, Tony Maher, Allan Sellars, Alf Jackson, Tony Fahy,
Allan Naylor, Keith Bradburn, Soloman Leitner, George Greenalgh and Keith Braden.
From Charles McKenzie. 13th January 2004
I attended Leaf Square 1946-50 and would like to know the whereabouts of Derek Roberts.
He lived in Seedley near the swimming baths, possibly in Chandos Grove. He had an older
brother who was also at S.G.S. in 1946 and another brother who accompanied top musical
stars of the day on the piano.

From Bob Smethills. 4th March 2004
I am now a retired GP living in Canberra ACT, still involved in schools rugby union both at
ACT and Australia level. I would like to make contact with anyone from my Leaf Square
days (1946 to 1954)
From Mike Yaffe. 2nd March 2005
I have just come across the Old Salfordians website - thanks to the innovators.
I was in York from 1959 to 1966. Anyone remember the mass slippering following a PE
cross-country run (around the winter of 1965) when many of us took a short cut and failed
to run around the back end of Buile Hill Park?. It couldn't happen today.
It is interesting to see that SGS has exported people all over the world although I have
only reached Southend on Sea!
Au dendrum Dextra to all.
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From the Webmaster. 30th March 2005
Does anyone know the whereabouts or have contact details for R.W.Snape who was
in 5M Lower School in 1972 or thereabouts?
M. Hopwood, 5M Upper School approx 1972.
From Roy Maxwell. 18th April 2005
For Richard Fitzsimons (Fitz), or anyone who knows his whereabouts.
I have received your e-mail but unfortunately my reply bounced. Please advise how I
can get in contact with you. Where are you living? I am really anxious to renew
From Alan Atkinson. 30th April 2005
I was at Leaf Square from 1948 to 1955 and would like to catch up with some of my
classmates after a break of fifty years.
Jack Sweeny who lived in Scales Street whilst at S.G.S. and was last heard of living
off Kersal Moor Lane, Roy Whiteside, Mike Curley who I believe later worked at
Salford Town Hall, and Geoff Groom. Where are you all?
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From Ray Eisenberg. 30th July 2005
Mike Yaff, I saw your posting on the Old Boys web site and it brought back lots of
I think that I was part of that mass caning courtesy of Eggy Simm (of course it might
have been another caning session - definitely not PC these days but a part of the
school curriculum way back then). I tried to escape the brunt of it by stuffing a
school scarf down the back of my pants but the cane made such a loud thwack
sound that I was tumbled after the first wallop. Even Eggy, not known for his sense of
humour, had to laugh and he just kicked me out of the office.

I managed to escape the confines of the U.K. and have been living in the Oaklands-
San Francisco Bay area in California since 1985. I'm currently the Senior Training
Content Manager for Autodesk, makers of AutoCAD, the largest engineering and
architectural software drafting and design company in the world - ironic as technical
drawing was the only exam I ever failed at S.G.S.! (Apologies to John Skirrow.)

I' haven't been to a reunion yet but I definitely plan to be there for 2006, truly "forty
years on" for the graduating class of 1966. So if anybody else left school in '66, I'd
love to catch up with you: Mike Dickson (I know that you'll be there), Alan Prodgers,
Keith Brittain, Johnny Sainthouse, Rob Kerrs, Geoffrey Norman, Ian Fletcher,
Sheff Sheffield, Alan (Pip) Phillips, Pete Lydiate, Phil Ormesher and everybody else
from those years. (Sorry to hear that Ian Wilson passed away last year).
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From Jack Taylor. 26th October 2005.
Does anyone have contact details for, or information of, Roy Webb.
Roy attended Leaf Square 1947-52 and in those days lived in the Albert Park area of
Lower Broughton, although I believe he was living in Buckinghamshire in the early
1970's, or thereabouts.
I was at Leaf Square 1947-54 and then lived on Lower Broughton Road.
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From Stan Andrews. 13th February 2006.
Is there anyone out there who knows the whereabouts or has any information about
Norman Haydock?
He attended Leaf Square 1946-1951? and lived in the Higher Broughton area.
From Paul Lomax (Lomo) 14th February 2006.
I was at School 1968-73 and have lived in London for the past thirty years.
I would like to remake contact with, Ron Gregson, Stuart Coe, Ken Dennison, Keith Heywood,
Alan Peters, Barry Sullivan, Bernard Morrissey, Paul Guthrie.
Anyone have any information?

From Jim Shelton 4th April 2006.
Does anyone know what has become of Alan E Bates who attended S.G.S. in the late 40's
and early 50's? He lived on Port Soderick St, off Liverpool St. His classmates included
luminaries as Harold Riley, Derek Roberts, Chas McKenzie, Jack Laughton, Harold Singer
and Jimmy Openshaw. A great bunch of guys.
From Tony Hollingsworth 29th August 2007
Does anyone have any information or know the whereabouts of Jack Covel?
He was in Form VIA in 1948 and his mother had a dress shop in Broad Street, on the
opposite side to Leaf Square.
We went camping to Cumberland one year and often played golf in the park during the
summer holidays - happy days.
Any news would be very much appreciated.
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