The Annual Dinner and Reunion was held at the Willows, Salford, on Thursday the 1st April 2004, and, for
the third successive year, the evening was a complete sell-out. The Chairman welcomed Old Sals and our
guests to the special occasion - the Centenary of the opening of the School in 1904.

After a good meal the toasts to the Queen and Absent Old Boys were proposed by Cliff Diamond who was
standing in for our President, Bob Blackmore, who was unable to be with us this year. The Chairman then
paid tribute to our late Secretary, Bill Turner, who died in December 2003, before reading out greetings
messages received from Old Sals throughout the world, including one from Bob Whitaker, a member of staff
for fifteen years and now living in Australia.

The "far and assunder" theme continued with the Chairman briefly mentioning mini Old Sal reunions which
he had attended in Las Vagas, Sydney and Perth, Western Australia, as part of a family "World Tour". He
warmly thanked, Peter Kenyon, Brian Levings, Michael Garbutt, Bill Starkey (former swimming coach),
George Moore (who attended the 2003 Dinner), Michael Brennan, Bob Whitaker and their wives, for the their
help and hospitality.

The toast to the Association was proposed in a most entertaining way by Nigel Spraggins who is Secretary
to the Manchester Diocese, after which the Chairman and the acting President took wine with the decade
generations of the School, during which a roar of approval greeted Ken Williams when he rose to mark 75
years since leaving Leaf Square in 1929.

The toast to the School was proposed by Ron Greenall, 1948-55, with much humour and many
reminiscences of his time at S. G. S.

The formal part of the proceedings were brought to a close by the singing of the School Song during which
the School Flag made a brief appearance (courtesey of Salford Local History Library).

The informal part of the Reunion then continued into the night and it was only the closing of the bar at
midnight, followed half an hour later by the lights being dimmed, that finally brought the 82nd Annual Dinner
and Reunion to a close.
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